Thursday, 8 January 2009

simple step by step rule to add links / whatnot into your blogger

Hi there, this is a simple guide (meant for a friend, a junior) as a demonstration of how to change a certain element in

Step 1) Log in to your blog
Step 2) Click the "Layout" tab

You should see something like this:

click "Add Gadget". As you can see, all my "widgets" are on the left side of the blog.

You should see this picture:

Click the one in the red box. The rest should be self explanatory, as blogger is one of the most direct-to-user blog.

Just a reminder, Marionnette's Mute Musings have moved to

So if you've got anything to ask, feel free to ask there (and not here!)

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Marionette's Mute Musings have moved!

well, we've moved.


See you around!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

We will always be different generation, a different group.

The people in UNIX pointed out a good point:

"We are different from the rest of the world".

I concur. Even though I'm not a UNIX user. Far from it.

But here's another parallel point I want to point out. We (as in the certain people who I associate with) are different from the rest of the world. It is not that we're are unique, it is not that we're blessed with different powers and blessings from the Almighty, it is not that we're just way different physically that sets us worlds apart from everyone.

It is the fact that we chose to be with everyone, and that makes a whole lot difference between who our group is and who are the other groups.

You know who you are. I'm not posting a warning shot. Far from it. I'm drawing a line. Do not put us on the same level as yours. Even if yours seems to be better, or worse. We are never the same like yours. We didn't arrive here to this point because we were directed to this point. We arrived here to this point because we were guided by intuition and the fervour to seek truth with our own eyes, and walk the steps with our own two foot. That alone, marks our difference.

We have been walking this path for years, for ages, for aeons. It was within us, subconsciously. It was within us, within our intuition, within our upbringing, within our ideals, within our minds. We knew what we wanted to do, and we're working on it. And we're still walking on that path, breathing that same air, reveling in the same breeze.

We're not like you. You're just seasonal. You're just here when it is at its full glory. You take the easy steps. We did the foundation, you take the glory. So be it, as if we care. But when you start to say that you people found this first, found-this-first-my-foot-and-my-ass. I'll tell you straight like that. People from my group are lenient, but that does not mean I am lenient too. When things go off you run off. And again we have to pick up the scraps of where you left off. Worse still, we have to start all the way from the beginning. No thanks to you and the likes of your, or those in kin of the likes of you.

Because we aren't seasonal. The only part that is seasonal about us is how large is the scale. On a global scale, on a community scale, or an individual scale. We're not concerned with numbers. We're not concerned with organizational trivialities. We're here for the benefit of humanity. We are here as a platform of arbitration of thoughts. We are here to provide the room and avenue for discourse. And when we do it big, we do it really big. And we don't stop the ball from snowballing. We make sure it keeps rolling. And rolling, and rolling, in any direction it chooses to go.

WE ARE A COLLOQUIUM of minds and thoughts. We do not provide answers. We merely help. That is our imperative. What others choose to take and to uphold is theirs. But don't take credit nor give credit where it is undue. We don't claim it for ourselves. We don't deserve such tenderly thoughts. We're here, however, ready to share it.

We may be of the same generation, but we're ultimately different. And we're different from you people who jumps the ship and port when things go popular. We're here, thick or thin.

Because we're different, and unique. No, you don't have to make do pretending you're different on your own. We didn't need or want to be different. You yourself will have to stop being different. We're just indifferent between the thoughts of different or indifferent. It makes no difference to us.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Numbers, anyone?

There was a point raised in a discussion about the usage of technology.

Ever since the handphones were released for the masses, people can never deny two things:

1) handphone is a part of communication tool
2) internet is also a path to develop our views on the world.

I remember before I got my handphone in the year 2002, I was able to recall more than 30 phone numbers, whichever numbers they may be. The school, the home, friend a, friend b, tuition teacher a, tuition teacher b, classmate a, b, c, outlet a, b, c, etc.

When I had my first Alcatel EZTouchDB, I kept all some into the phone, some into the SIM card.

Now, the only two numbers that I remember are my house number, and my previous house number.

Even if you tell me off the number of another person, I can't retain it at all. I will have to rely on my phone to record that number. Hmm.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

change update

change update: the music player

finally, somehow it showed up right on Google Chrome. I hope this works on IE and Firefox too.

Now you can adjust the volume of the music, and even stop the music if you don't want to hear it. I hope the code works out right. If it does not, you're free to drop a comment.

By the way, its one of the music from Xenogears. I have yet to find a replacement music, although I find this music nostalgic.

Well then, see you all later! Adios!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Listed at "A million Blog List"

Hi guys, I'm just making a quick post. Seems I stumbled upon "A million blog list" project. The aim is to see how long does it take to list up 1 million blogs. Yes, you're right. 1 million in numbers. If you've got a blog, you ought to try list yourself into the list. I mean, why not? Go and have your blog listed!

Well, see you folks around!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

changing some layout

Heave ho, heavy ho.

I know that I haven't been updating. To some folks, you know that I'm posting some other things somewhere, but clearly its time to change some of the layout (although Facebook users will still get a copy of the blog post in a form of a note, irregardless) to just get a fresh breather.

Well, I think it will be an ongoing process until I am satisfied. Some things will be half cooked, some things will be half done. But if you feel that there is a glaring need to point something out, as usual you're free to point it out. Okay? Well, I'll post some other things when I get around to.